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Paging ListboxFew months ago I posted a Javascript class on how to Implement a paging listbox using jQuery. which has drawn a lot of traffic and few questions lately so I thought it would be more convenient to rewrite the code as jQuery plugin and make few enhancements plus providing a complete sample code in VB.Net and C#.


  1. Easier usage, You only need to insert a div with the class "paging-listbox" and settings inside "options" attribute to automatically have the paging listbox loaded inside that div. still you can load the listbox with regular Javascript call.
  2. Added support for right-to-left layout.
  3. You can pass additional parameters to source page via AJAX. for example a category ID that user selects from another form field and should be used to query records by on the source page.
  4. Few visual enhancements.

Custom Field Images PluginHave you spent much time adding posts thumbnails using custom fields.. or -like me- spent much time trying many plugins that either not working well or very limited.

I was always not convinced with "Read more" built-in option in WordPress. As it is very unlikely to use the starting portion of your post as a teaser or summary.

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