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Realtime Related Tweets Bar: Another jQuery Plugin

With all the buzz lately about Twitter real-time search. Why don't you add a real-time tweets bar related to your posts from your twitter timeline or from anybody or even limit it by a geocode coordinates!

Check out These Demos..
Each one links to the demo page where you can see HTML & CSS & JS you need to use... CSS code is important but it is almost the same across those different samples, so I'm not going to focus on it here.

Blogger said: Show your face!
Google Blogger just Added another feature to show commenter avatar! So again. this is great, but if you have a customized template the avatars won't show up. So how to fix that..

Blogger said 'You Might As Well Jump'! Great, but..

Google Blogger has added new feature, an easy way to show posts summaries on your blog index page! But if you still don't see the "read more" link like I did! Google knows why, But I had to dig into it a little bit more..

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