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Twitter Trackbacks Widget - A jQuery Plugin
Highly customizable Twitter trackbacks widget to integrate tweets that mention your post into your blog. Each tweet comes with reply & retweet links to get more readers engaged in your story conversation.

Getting Closer to Google Closure

After Google Introduced Closure Library I wanted to get a closer look on it. here's what I've come to.

Topsy has just released a Wordpress plugin that gives you another retweet button. But, what if you can only work with a JavaScript widget? here is a small hack..

I needed to use the tall Delicious save button, but I found that it wasn't tall at all.. it was short & fat :)
So, I had to shrink it a little by hiding some parts. And, since Delicious was smart enough to implement their button using AJAX. It is easy to customize the button using CSS.


Mike MoreWeb developer, jQuery plugin author, social media fan and Technology Blogger.
My favorite topics are: jQuery , Javascript , ASP.Net , Twitter , Google..
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