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16 Awesome Winners of The API Contest has just announced the winners of their second API contest and my Button came in third place, So I would like to feature the work of all winners once again here..

1st Prize : MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer News News

Bitly News is a news site powered by clicks. Top stories are the most popular links being shared on the internet right now.
It works by automatically discovering links on Twitter in real-time, then posting stories with high click activity on Each story's score is periodically updated with recent stats from, so the most clicked-on stories bubble to the top.
* developed by Jeff Miller.

2nd Prize :1TB USB hard drive File Storage ! File Storage

It breaks up files into chunks, the chunks are stored on, and the chunks can be reassembled from a single URL.
* developed by Neal Poole.

Your Trending Twitter Topics

Trending Twitter Topics

Do you use to shorten the links you tweet? Find out which of the topics you tweet about get the most clicks..
* developed by Charlie Reverte.

wpTwitBox Wordpress Plugin

wpTwitBox Wordpress Plugin

A Plugin that provides collection of useful features designed for Twitter users. Most Twitter and features in one plugin.
* developed by Sergej Müller.


3rd Prize : BuckyBalls magnetic desk toy! Button Button

This jQuery button gives you a uniform click count button -tall or wide- that people can also use it to retweet your post.
* developed by me :) db db db is A key-value store built on
* developed by Andrew Gwozdziewycz.



Shorten for S60 is an application to create short URL's with the URL shortening service. Short URL's can be expanded and information about short URL's be displayed (long URL, website title, user & global hash, user & global clicks, created by).
* developed by Martin Dehler.



A visualization of referrers.
* Developed by Ina Centaur.



A twitter bot that scans the user tweets for bitly URLs and then sends related URLs and tweets.
* developed by Nabeel Mukhtar.

Honorable Mentions


TA.GY turns any URL into a printable stencil (complete with QR code) that can be read by humans and most smart phones.
* developed by Ian Jennings.



Just like HN plus clicks and tweet counts from twitter and backtweets!
* developed by Alexander Sicular. Webrings

A web ring of links.
* developed by Jonathan Vingiano.


A tool that uses QR Codes for FourSquare check-ins. IM

A jabber bot that shortens and expands links.
* developed by Tjeerd Jan

A widget for quickly creating links within the Salesforce CRM. for YQL

Tables for using the API with Yahoo!’s unified query language.


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