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This is a second post about Social bookmarking widgets.. Where I provide a better way to integrate them in your pages and also asking for your feedback on my proposed standardization specifications :)

Scroll down to the end of this post to see widgets in action..

After I posted the previous [Creating Uniform Social Bookmarking Widgets], I faced some issues that are worth mentioning and polling too.

We all like social networks but no-network is perfect! each network gives us a different JavaScript code with different parameters to install a different looking widget on each article.. Now I need and will do something about it.

To do something uniform: I'll have to pick one common style across those widgets.. The most popular style around is the 'Tall' one and it also looks like web 2.0.

Tag-Cloudfor those who want or can only use JavaScript to convert regular tags list into a Tag-Cloud. jQuery and regular expressions are here to help.
Why Tag-Cloud? It is better looking and more meaningful.

Since Aug. 25, 2009: blogger now offers a built-in Tag-cloud. So you won't need this code for that job. still, jQuery manipulation is cool :)

Template by eblogtemplates.comI had a recent experience with changing my blogger template.. Now it is time to share some tricks to simplify things with next one trying to change it.. cause you should do it especially if you are still working with those 800x600 built-in blogger templates.

SEOMeta keywords are very important to do better SEO for your blog.. And you should know that Search engines look for different description and keywords for each page of your site. If you put the same thing across all pages of your site, search engines may regard this as spam.

I saw lots of examples on how to add meta title/description based on the post title for Blogger/Blogspot. but I couldn't find one for using labels/Tags as meta keywords for each post.

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