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Win Free Domain Names with Namecheap

We're pleased to announce a new giveaway. This time we're giving away 3 templates from TemplateMonster. Please read on to know how to enter the giveaway and maybe win one of 3 prizes.

Win Free Domain Names with Namecheap

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Namecheap, which allows us to offer our readers a chance to win free domain names. The domain name registrar has 5 domain names to offer to some lucky readers. The first place prize is 3 domain names (.com/.net/.org), while the second and third placed winners will also be awarded a single domain each.

Win 3 Copies of jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials

Readers would be pleased to know that we have teamed up again with Packt Publishing to offer you a Giveaway of their book jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials (Second Edition) and 3 lucky winners have the chance to win it.

Twitter API Proxy in PHP
Thanks to the new Twitter API v1.1, it is now impossible to query the API using pure JavaScript code! So, in this quick tutorial will see how to use PHP to do Application-only authentication and forward the API result of the required resource to JavaScript, plus caching API results to prevent rate-limit errors.

#Giveaway: Win 2 Ebook Copies of Building UIs With Wijmo
It's very exciting to announce that we have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a Giveaway of their latest book on Wijmo UIs and 2 lucky winners stand a chance to win it.

fresh jQuery Plugins of March 2013
Welcome back to our monthly roundup which gives you a sneak peek into the fresh jQuery plugins in the ever expanding jQuery world.

Fresh jQuery Plugins of Feb 2013
Here, we will be rounding up some of the top jQuery plugins of February 2013, for you to use on your web development work.

#Giveaway: 3 premium WordPress themes from ThemeFuse
The good people at ThemeFuse are offering to giveaway WordPress themes licenses to 3 loyal readers.

Win 10 Tech Magazine Subscriptions From Zinio
It's very exciting to announce that we have teamed up with Zinio to offer a new Giveaway. 10 lucky winners stand a chance to receive free magazine subscriptions from ANY of the thousands of titles they offer.

Fresh jQuery Plugins of Jan 2013
It's time for our monthly roundup of the most fresh jQuery plugins of January 2013, Check out these plugins to see what you may have missed in January.

A new version of Twitter trackbacks jQuery plugin which integrates tweets that mention your post into your blog. This version handles the new API key requirement by Topsy.

When dealing with digital documents, you may notice that PDF data and Excel spreadsheets often go hand in hand. Although not as easily as we’d like. The PDF format is perfect format for preservation of your content layout - whether it be an invoice, a statement or a database. Thus, even though the format can display data perfectly, it can also make it difficult to reuse, edit or analyze in Microsoft Excel. Users have no choice but to turn to PDF converter solutions.

Best jQuery Plugins of Dec 2012
It's time to look over the last month and see the top jQuery plugins of December 2012, 14 fresh plugins to help you keeping up with new technologies.

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