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22 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of 2011
Since jQuery was released in 2006, it has changed the way we think of JavaScript. And because of its simplicity, it has motivated many enthusiastic developers to create thousands of useful plugins and extends its functionality. Now, lets go through some of the most popular jQuery plugins of 2011 as It's almost over.

Find the Best Blog Tools with FindTheBest
These days, blogging is as much about intuitive UI and good SEO as content, so using the right tools is key. Don't let your ideas get buried in web obscurity; boost your blog with the best software for you and your audience.

Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign
Google AdWords is an online advertising program run by Google, and has become a main source of revenue. One of the quickest and simplest methods of bringing more and more traffic to your website is by purchasing web advertisements.

Delicious Button - A jQuery Plugin

This version comes with a minor update to the Delicious save count button to handle the changes in Delicious API after it was acquired by AVOS. Delicious button was created as an alternative to the official Delicious button which didn't look like modern sharing buttons.

Google+ Search Widget - jQuery Plugin

Highly customizable search widget for Google+ that is inspired by Twitter widgets. This widget searches across the body and comments of public posts and displays a summarized version of matching posts with any attached images.

This is my second take on Google+ API, last month I created a profile widget for Google+ users. Google+ API was released a month ago, and in couple weeks later they added search support too. If you are starting to develop with Google+, you may check these API tips.

Getting Started with Google Plus API

After doing my latest jQuery plugin for Google+, I would like to share a few tips to help you get started quickly with Google+ API.

Google+ Activity Widget - jQuery Plugin
As Google+ API was just released a couple days ago, it is time to have a posts widget for it. So, this widget was created to display your Google+ profile and slides down your recent posts with any attached images.

 Update Nov 8, 2011 :   You can use the widget to display the posts of your Google+ Brand Page too, check Demo 1.

Buffer Proofs to Increase Clicks on Your Tweets by 200%
It often happens that I do my reading of blog posts late at night or very early in the morning. Sharing the best pieces I find then via Twitter then isn't very useful though I found. It often puts my efforts to waste and no one sees them.

12 Fresh Google+ Apps, Tools and API Hacks Although Google+ was launched more than a month ago, many applications and services have been already built on it. Which is really amazing considering the fact that, Google+ still don't have a public API. So, I started the roundup with API hacks to understand how other apps might have been made of.

150 Google+ Invites, Get One Now!
Google plus is today's hot social network, launched on 28 Jun, is now the fastest growing social network ever with more than 25 million members according to comScore.

Working with HTML Fragments in jQuery
When you are working in jQuery with generated HTML fragments that are returned from AJAX, It is interesting to note these cases..

Twiends : Get More Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans & Youtube Viewers
Twiends is a remarkably innovative mechanism to get you more Twitter followers, Facebook page fans and Youtube viewers. Twiends is a seed-based; When you follow others you earn seeds from them, which you can offer as an incentive for others to follow you and promote your profile. You can also set number of seeds you are offering per follow and whom you want to follow.

Twiends claims 500,000 members and I believe it could be more than that as I'm a big fan of the service. Now, let's see how you will grow your social network..

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