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5 Sources of Data to Boost Your Marketing and Business Efforts

Attracting new customers can be tough. Many traditional lead generation methods are falling short whilst taking a big chunk out of marketing budgets. As the graph below from Ascend2 demonstrates, more and more businesses are realizing that when it comes to generating new leads, it's best to aim for quality over quantity. However, this often causes problems in itself; how can you ensure you have the best, most relevant leads at hand without breaking the bank?
As plenty of companies are beginning to find out, sourcing leads from a B2B data provider is often a great place to start. With several options on the market though, it can be confusing trying to decide which offers the best value. With that in mind, in this article we'll look at the pros and cons of five of the top-rated providers around.

Kendo UI Grid is a very popular widget for visualizing data tables. And in this example will demonstrate how to get CRUD(create/read/update/destroy) operations to work with ASP.Net(C#) Web Method.

The following are six of the best social marketing tools available today on the market, they may not be the silver bullet but in a multitude of tools available, they are certainly the cream of the crop. Note that they aren’t arranged in any particular order.

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