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How do I page through a recordset in ADO

A very common task when designing web pages is to allow users to "page" through a resultset. This means 10 or 50 or some fixed number of rows are displayed on each page, and the user can click next / previous or choose a page number from a dropdown. Previously, this article had a total of three samples. One in straight ASP, and two with different approaches using stored procedures. Thanks to Chris Hohmann, Anith Sen, Steve Kass, David Portas, Uri Dumant — and, most recently, Brynn and Bob Barrows — for providing me the ammunition and motivation to re-write this article. Now, it contains a total of TEN different techniques. After explaining each one, I will also show you which ones performed best in my tests (see results), and even provide you with all the samples (and the testing code) as a download.


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