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Google AJAX Search APIThe Google AJAX Search API provides simple web objects that perform inline searches over a number of Google services (Web Search, Local Search, Video Search, Blog Search, News Search, Book Search, Image Search, and Patent Search).

It is an old news that: The API exposes a raw RESTful interface that returns JSON encoded results so it would be easily processed by most languages and runtimes.

Although API JavaScript objects allow you to set site restrictions, On RESTful Interface nothing was said on how to do so using the Standard URL Arguments..!

Enough intro.. How to fix that?
You would normally create HTTP request and send the Standard URL Arguments. Particularly the search expression 'q' can be something like 'Google'.
What you need to do is to change it to
'Google' in case you are doing a web search,
'Google' in case of a Blog Search..
'Google source:bbc' in case of a news Search..

Check my 4KB jQuery plugin using RESTful Interface of AJAX Search API to replace the 118KB Google Blog Bar!


  1. valentines day presents // January 13, 2010 at 10:18:00 PM GMT+11  

    The AJAX API from Google greatly increases the creative options available to designers and developers in terms of implementing an enterprise search solution, and it provides a lot of functionality that would be incredibly time-consuming to build manually.

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