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Twitter Friends & Followers Widget - A jQuery Plugin

There is a Facebook fans widget, Google friends widget, what about a Twitter friends widget?!
Here is a jQuery plugin that you can embed anywhere to display pictures of your Twitter followers or friends (whom you follow) and their latest tweets if you like.

By featuring your Twitter friends or followers on your blog, you will encourage others to become friends too..

Realtime Related Stream Bar; Collecta-powered jQuery plugin
This is a jQuery plugin to create a bar of real-time stream of information related to your post powered by Collecta search engine. Collecta monitors the streams of news sites, popular blogs and social media. So it can show you results as they happen. There are five content categories in Collecta - updates, stories, comments, photos, and videos.

Check these Demos..

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Mike MoreWeb developer, jQuery plugin author, social media fan and Technology Blogger.
My favorite topics are: jQuery , Javascript , ASP.Net , Twitter , Google..
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