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Showing Off Clicks of Your Posts With jQuery
After creating my latest jQuery plugin Button to show off number of clicks of your posts in a retweet button, I wrote this guest post on for developers who want to get their hands dirty with jQuery and API.

Continue reading : Showing Off Clicks of Your Posts With jQuery Button - jQuery Plugin for Your Clicky Post -The intelligent URL shortener- offers realtime statistics about the clicks on shortened links and this button takes advantage of that information. This jQuery button gives you a uniform click count button -tall or wide- that people can also use it to retweet your post.

When you use a short link to tweet your post, it may get 100 retweets but in terms of stats that could mean 1000 clicks coming from the whole twitter ecosystem which makes another interesting measure of how popular is your post!

Efficiently Getting Delicious Save Count of Your Posts

Although there are many sites that describe how to get Delicious bookmaking count of some URL. I learned that you can get the save counts of multiple URL's in one request! And since I didn't see that mentioned anywhere -even on Delicious feeds API page- I thought I should do..

Quite Delicious Button - A jQuery Plugin
This is a share count button to encourage people to bookmark your content on Delicious. Although Delicious provides their own button and I tried before to style it differently, but still It didn't look quite uniform like other sharing buttons.

So This jQuery-fied one should give you a uniform share button -tall or wide- that looks quite delicious! It works the same as the official Delicious button and looks pretty as in Topsy, StumbleUpon buttons.

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