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jQuery Experts to follow on Twitter
Ever wondered who is behind jQuery? Are you looking for jQuery geek to follow on Twitter? check out this extensive list. It includes jQuery team members, project contributors, book authors, bloggers, speakers, entrepreneurs, web developers and designers.

John Resig
John is the creator of jQuery!
Chris Coyier
Web craftsman, blogger, author, speaker.
Paul Irish
Paul is front-end developer, a Google Chrome dev relations guy, a jQuery Team member and a lead developer of Modernizr, CSS3 Please and HTML5 Boilerplate.
rick waldron
Rick Waldron works at Bocoup in Boston, where he is a JavaScript enthusiast and evangelist and jQuery core committer.
Remy Sharp
Remy is the founder and curator of Full Frontal, the UK based JavaScript conference. He also runs jQuery for Designers, co-authored Introducing HTML5 and is one of the curators of
Jay Blanchard
Jay is a web developasigner, freelancer, author Applied jQuery and jQuery Developer Relations team.
Rey Bango
Rey is a member of the jQuery JavaScript library’s Core Project Team as well as a writer for the top Ajax & JavaScript online publication
David Kaneda
David is a designer and developer. He has had over eight years of experience designing and developing in a variety of fields and has recently released jQTouch, a jQuery plugin for mobile development and the winner of the recent 14 days of jQuery contest.
Scott Jehl
Scott is a web designer and developer. He enjoys writing and speaking about web design and recently co-authored the book "Designing with Progressive Enhancement". He is also a jQuery team member, most recently leading the development of the jQuery Mobile project.
Yehuda Katz
Yehuda Katz is a member of the Ember.js, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Teams; he spends his daytime hours at the startup he founded, Tilde Inc.. Yehuda is the co-author of the best-selling jQuery in Action, Rails 3 in Action, and is a contributor to Ruby in Practice.
Rebecca Murphey
Rebecca is a JavaScript application developer, a co-host of the yayQuery podcast, a co-organizer of TXJS, a contributor to the jQuery Cookbook from O’Reilly, and the author of the open-source jQuery Fundamentals.
Elijah Manor
Christian and a family man. He develops at appendTo as the Director of Training and a Senior Architect providing corporate jQuery support, training, and consulting. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, ASP.NET MVP, and ASPInsider specializing in front-end development.
Darcy Clarke
Darcy is a senior UX Developer. He co-founded Themify and a jQuery Team Member.
Alex Sexton
Alex Sexton is a Labs Engineer at Bazaarvoice. He is a developer on the Modernizr Team and a member of the jQuery Content Team. He spends his time building and writing about large JavaScript applications.
Ben Alman
Ben Alman currently works at Bocoup, where he is responsible for the development of intermediate and advanced JavaScript and jQuery training curricula, as well as the creation and maintenance of JavaScript-based tools and utilities. Ben also writes articles and gives presentations advocating JavaScript and jQuery best practices.
Addy Osmani
Addy is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google. In his spare time, he enjoys contributing free talks, articles and open source projects to the development community. He is also a member of the jQuery Core Bug Triage, API Docs and front-end teams and try to assist with the new jQuery learning site.
Ralph Whitbeck
Ralph is a Senior Developer at appendTo, LLC where he works with an awesome team of designers and developers delivering Front-end code for clients. Example projects include responsive web, widget development, product development, HTML5/CSS3, and much more.
adam j. sontag
Adam J. Sontag is a New York City-based front-end developer at Boston's Bocoup and the Developer Relations Lead for the jQuery Foundation.
Cody Lindley
Cody Lindley is a client-side engineer. He has an extensive background working professionally with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and client-side performance techniques as it pertains to web development. If he is not wielding client-side code he is likely toying with interface/interaction design, PHP, MVC frameworks, iPhone development, jQuery, Dojo, or authoring material and speaking at various conferences.
Marc Grabanski
Marc is a talent evangelist, UI/UX Developer, speaker and conference organizer. Past creator of jQuery UI Datepicker and blogger to millions.
Mike Sherov
Mike is a lead developer at SNAPInteractive, jQuery Core Team Member.
Douglas Neiner
Doug Neiner is a front-end web developer with a love for semantic markup, powerful CSS, and efficient, reusable jQuery/JavaScript. Doug loves knowledge sharing and helping both new and developing jQuery programmers perfect their craft.
Paul Bakaus
Paul is an inventor, accelerator, and a whole lot more. He is so far best known for creating the popular user interface framework jQuery UI and the Aves Engine (that was eventually sold to Zynga).
Karl Swedberg
Karl is a web developer, jQuery books author, team member at jQuery Project, teacher, speaker, photographer.
Mike Hostetler
Mike is an inventor, entrepreneur and alumni of the jQuery Core team. He participates in the QCubed PHP5 Framework project, and participates in the Drupal project. Currently, he works as the Founder and CEO of appendTo, LLC, the company dedicated to jQuery.
John Bender
John Bender is the co-creator of Vagrant, a jQuery Mobile contributor, and a recovering polygot. During the day he works full-time on jQuery Mobile at Adobe but otherwise spends his time hacking on open source and reading.
John Paul
John K. Paul is the VP of development at He is a contributor to numerous open source projects including, jquery-mockjax, jquery-console, and He has spoken at various events and companies around NYC about front end development, and scalable engineering practices, in particular, unit testing JavaScript.
Jörn Zaefferer
Jörn is a freelance web developer, consultant and trainer, residing in Cologne, Germany. Jörn evolved jQuery’s testsuite into QUnit, a JavaScript unit testing framework, and maintains it. He created and maintains a number of popular plugins. As a jQuery UI development lead, he focuses on the development of new plugins, widgets and utilities.
Todd Parker
Todd, a principal at Filament Group Inc., is a jQuery board member, project and design lead for the jQuery Mobile team, and design lead for jQuery UI. He is involved with the design of the ThemeRoller application and CSS class frameworks. Todd is co-author of the Peachpit book "Designing With Progressive Enhancement", contributor to the O'Reilly "jQuery Cookbook" and frequent presenter on the topics of mobile, progressive enhancement, accessibility, and responsive web design.
Corey Frang
Corey is the President of Momentum Workshop, Inc. and is active in jQuery community on IRC, and Stack Overflow. He is currently working on the effects and animations for jQuery UI, and the jQuery.Color plugin and hopes that his work will "effect" your websites positively.
Mike Alsup
Mike is a web developer and jQuery plugin author. He was also a jQuery team member.
Jonathan Sharp
Jonathan is a front-end architect, founder of appendTo and particular to jQuery.
Dan Heberden
Dan Heberden is a web consultant based in Portland, Oregon. As a member of the jQuery team, Dan oversees the infrastructure needs of the project and is the Documentation Lead for jQuery UI. He loves helping with open source projects and enjoys teaching others how to write great code.
Shane Riley
From the age of 6, Shane started tinkering with BASIC games in order to get them to compile, and soon enough he was rewriting programs for local IBM employees. His passion for computers and video games continues to grow to this day, leading him to a life of front end development using (X)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with jQuery as his choice of library.
Scott González
Web application developer living in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been contributing to jQuery since 2007 and is currently a development lead for jQuery UI, jQuery’s official user interface library. Scott also writes tutorials about jQuery and jQuery UI on and is a co-author of the ‘jQuery Cookbook’ from O’Reilly.
Kris Borchers
Kris is a front-end/mobile web app developer, primarily focused on JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. He recently joined the AeroGear team at Red Hat as a Senior Software Engineer to help JBoss users bring web, hybrid and native applications to mobile devices. Kris is also a committer on the jQuery UI project and has been dabbling in open source projects for years.
Dave Methvin
Dave is a long-time contributor to jQuery, providing extensive help on the jQuery bug tracker and in the jQuery discussion forums. As the lead of the jQuery dev team he works to ensure high quality, timely, releases of the library, organizes the planning and development efforts of the team, and generally drives the direction of the library.
Richard D. Worth
Richard D. Worth is executive director of the jQuery Foundation and the jQuery UI project manager. He lives in the Washington, D.C. area and works for Bocoup, training mobile and web developers in JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery UI.
Timmy Willison
Timmy started as a Front-End Engineer at Medium building websites for clients such as Kraft Foods, Premiere Global, Yanmar, EPB, and more. He currently works for a start-up in Chattanooga building iOS and web applications. He is a Core Team member for the jQuery project and is responsible for the rewrite of the Sizzle selector engine in jQuery 1.8, as well as the Attributes module in 1.7.
Brandon Aaron
Brandon is a developer living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. He currently works for a local startup called He loves open source and is active with various projects. He used to be a core contributor to jQuery.
Ariel Flesler
Ariel is a game Programmer and Web Developer.
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews has been working as a web and application developer for over 16 years, with experience in a wide range of industries, and a skill set which includes UI/UX, graphic design, and programming. He is co-author of the book jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials, he is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country, and he has developed software for the open source community.


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