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12 Fresh Google+ Apps, Tools and API Hacks Although Google+ was launched more than a month ago, many applications and services have been already built on it. Which is really amazing considering the fact that, Google+ still don't have a public API. So, I started the roundup with API hacks to understand how other apps might have been made of.

1. PlusFeed

PlusFeed : Unofficial Google+ Users Feeds
Although Google has not relaesed a public API for Google+, Russell Beattie has built a Google app to provide an ATOM feed of users' public posts. ( see my public feed).

The idea behind that app started by inspecting AJAX calls on Google+ page itself, which showed that Google uses this URL "[1,2,"118211149935481259253",null,null,null,null,"",[]]" to load your posts, which returns a malformed JSON array of my Google+ posts.

While you cann't use that malformed JSON in Javascript directly, you can use Google Feeds API to convert ATOM feed from PlusFeed into a regular JSON array that you can use.

A WordPress Plugin was already built based on PlusFeed. Also, The same idea was implemented in a PHP class by Rich Kreider.

2. JavaPlus

Another Google+ API hack, Javaplus, a Java object by Jason Grey for accessing many parts of the Google+ data. Javaplus can retrun basic information of a user, user's public posts feed, list of people in user's circles or people having a user in their circles.

3. Google+ Search

Google+ Search
A Google+ search engine by Rich Knight to search public content on Google+. The search engine is based on a public API which is Google Custom Search.

4. Google Plus Search

Google Plus Search
A similar implementation of Google Custom search by Andrew Shen. And in addition, he provides a chrome extension and Android App.

5. Google+ Counter

Google+ Counter
Google+ Counter by Ralf Rottmann helps you to find new people, trends and stats on Google+. It also is the home of the Top followed Google+ Ladies and many user curated popular lists!

6. Google Takeout

Google Takeout
Official Google tool to export your account data into a zip file. Takeout exports your Google+ profile to JSON format, Google+ posts and buzz to HTML files, Contacts to VCF files and your Picasa albums and photos.

7. Google+ Social Statistics

Google+ Social Statistics
Created by Boris Veldhuijzen, co-founder of Twitter Counter. Google+ Statistics tracks the top 100 users and the most popular posts on Google+. You can add yourself so it can start tracking your personal Google+ statistics.

8. Where to hangout at Google+

Where to hangout at Google+
List of the latest hangouts at Google+ by Carl Asman. Visit them, or announce and schedule your own hangout.

Easily add users of the most popular social networks to groups. Help people know who to follow!

10. Share This Circle

Share This Circle
From the name, it shares your public circles in a very easy way and it is not about number of followers!

11. Find People on G+

Find People on G+
A Google+ directory of individuals that you might want to check out and follow.

12. is a profile link shortening service by Sirzat Aytac. It also provides Top 10 list based on number of clicks.
A similar service can be found at

It is also interesting to note that the old public profile URLs like this "" now redirect to Google+ profile.

* If you still need an invite to Google+, send me email on Mike[at] from your gmail account that you wish to use in Google+.

* Got a good application or free resource and would like to see it featured on next roundup, send it to me on News[at] , you can also connect with me on Google+.


  1. Web Design Company Mumbai // August 16, 2011 at 4:31:00 PM GMT+10  

    Thanks for sharing the Resources

  2. Social Media Jedi // August 17, 2011 at 1:41:00 AM GMT+10  

    Very broad and rich list, thanks

  3. referencement // September 2, 2011 at 8:41:00 AM GMT+10  

    Useful tools, +1 for and Google Takeout.

  4. Anonymous // June 5, 2012 at 4:52:00 AM GMT+10  

    Does not work anymore with :[1,2,"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",null,null,100,null,"",[]]

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