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Delicious Button - A jQuery Plugin

This version comes with a minor update to the Delicious save count button to handle the changes in Delicious API after it was acquired by AVOS. Delicious button was created as an alternative to the official Delicious button which didn't look like modern sharing buttons.

For users already using the old version, just change the plugin url to

For new users, follow this setup wizard

Delicious Button Setup

  1. Modern share count button - Tall or Wide- to display the count of Delicious-saves of your link.
  2. CSS styles are embedded in the script, to minimize browser connections. However, you can disable the default CSS and create your own.
  3. Customize button by placing optional parameters -like custom URL- in a HTML5 data attribute or HTML comment so it would not break HTML validation.
  4. Since this is a javascript-only solution; you can add this button anywhere like Google Blogger, Wordpress, ...
  5. Use a jQuery method call or auto-load any number of anchor elements with a "delicious-button" class.


  1. Peter // December 8, 2011 at 8:06:00 PM GMT+11  

    Hmm... it's doesn't work actually. What's going on?
    A few days ago everything was running normally. There was nothing changed (on my site) and now it is no longer running in your 'setup' too.

  2. Mike // December 9, 2011 at 12:06:00 AM GMT+11  

    On Delicious API, they say "Delicious will be down for maintenance"!!

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