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Find the Best Blog Tools with FindTheBest
These days, blogging is as much about intuitive UI and good SEO as content, so using the right tools is key. Don't let your ideas get buried in web obscurity; boost your blog with the best software for you and your audience.

Research the Best Tools Online

With hundreds of tools available, choosing the best software is a challenge. Whether you want to analyze and optimize traffic, make your blog "sticky" with widgets, or choose the best platform for your new blog, there's one resource to find many blog solutions. Research widget tools, web analytics and more in one place at FindTheBest. The online decision engine is a blogger's dream for data and clear side by side comparisons of the best the web has to offer.

Begin with Blog Software

Every blogger has to choose one platform to build on. But the "best" one will vary for each blogger based on hosting type, features and programming language, among other factors, not to mention cost.

Subscribe to a Template or Build-It-Yourself

Assess your programming abilities and how much you want to customize your blog's look and feel.  Keep in mind that a hugely popular (and successfully revenue-generating) blog can be simple, even basic, in design.
Beginners or bloggers wanting to keep their "programming" language to English may prefer the ease of use and customizable templates of a 'ready-made' blog site like Blogger or Tumblr. Those with programming experience looking for versatile, open-source platforms have a multitude of options with different features and requirements.

Choose Your Features and SEO options

Decide which features are important to you and your audience. SEO and social networking features such as links to share content on Facebook, RSS feeds and Permalink capability can help expose your blog to a wider audience (if you want it). Each software has its own capabilities and potential drawbacks, so compare your top choices side by side. According to FindTheBest, WordPress is the most popular platform in use, providing the backbone of 27 of the top 100 most popular blogs online.

The Top Blogging Platforms

While WordPress is a popular platform for both casual blogs and heavily-trafficked megasites (it counts Mashable and TechCrunch among its users), you can compare the top five most popular blog publishing software.

top five most popular blog publishing software
One advantage of using a popular platform is the abundance of instructions and resources available to help users. Even novices can learn programming step by step with the wealth of support found online. When choosing blog software, consider one that allows you room to advance to higher-level customization in the future; it might save you the effort of transitioning years' worth of content from an "outgrown" platform to a new one.
While blog software is only one decision a blogger makes, FindTheBest makes it easy to make informed choices for other blog-related tools. Use FindTheBest as an objective resource for everything from SEO software to web analytics tools to web design.

by Michael Scatterday
Michael lives in Santa Barbara California and works for FindTheBest, he manages the Biz Dev department for their Electronics, Software, Sports, and Auto section.


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