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Best jQuery Plugins of Nov 2012
Developers never stops making incredible jQuery plugins every now and then. This roundup lists some of the best plugins of November 2012.

Best jQuery Plugins of October 2012
It is never too late to put together a list of the most popular jQuery plugins of October. Check out these plugins, they could be very useful in your next web project.

Top jQuery Plugins of September 2012
It is time we go through our monthly roundup of jQuery plugins that have been published in the past month, these plugins are really worth checking out.

Top jQuery Plugins of August 2012
It is time we go through our monthly roundup of fresh jQuery plugins that have gained lots of buzz in the past month, Check out this list to see what you may have missed in August.

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Most Forked GitHub Repositories - Infographic
Since Github was founded in 2008, it has become the most popular social coding community on the planet.
One of the social functions in GiHub is forking, forking a project, is simply making your own copy of that project to be able to do changes. Then, if you like to share these changes, you can notify the project owner with a "pull request". After that, if your contribution was accepted, the owner can merge it to the original repository.

40 Blogs I'm Thankful for
It's not Thanksgiving yet, but this a long-overdue 'Thank You' to bloggers who have featured my work on their blogs since I started blogging 4 years ago!

Top jQuery Plugins of July 2012
Here we are at the end of another month, so it's time to get an overview of the most popular jQuery plugins from July 2012. No matter what kind of project you are developing, some of these plugins will definitely come in handy.

jQuery Experts to follow on Twitter
Ever wondered who is behind jQuery? Are you looking for jQuery geek to follow on Twitter? check out this extensive list. It includes jQuery team members, project contributors, book authors, bloggers, speakers, entrepreneurs, web developers and designers.

HTML5 Presentation Using jQuery Mobile
jQuery mobile framework provides easily themeable, HTML5-based interface with support for pages transitions, therefore it would be very easy to create simple web presentations that will work on all popular smartphone and desktop platforms.

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Holy Bible - jQuery Mobile Viewer
This tutorial walks you through the creation of a Bible viewer as an example of loading content from XML and dynamically generating pages with jQuery Mobile.

Top jQuery Plugins of June 2012
Another month has passed and it's time for the jQuery plugins roundup. Keep on reading to see what plugins you might have missed in June 2012.

How to Build a Twitter Backup App in VB.Net

Since Twitter only allows you to pull the last 3200 Tweets, people are using many online services to archive their Tweets. However, if you are interested to do it yourself in .Net, this tutorial would be a good kickstart.

Most Popular jQuery Plugins of May 2012
It is time we go through our monthly roundup of fresh jQuery plugins that have gained lots of attention in May 2012, these plugins are really worth checking out.

Most Popular jQuery Plugins of April 2012
Here we are again for another monthly round-up of the most popular jQuery plugins of April 2012, these 12 plugins will make you WOW!

Retrying AJAX requests with jQuery ajaxPrefilter
Since jQuery v1.5, it became possible to set timeout on script and JSONP requests. Before that version, timeout was only applied to other types of AJAX requests. Timeout can be very useful as it is the only way to detect the failure of a JSONP request.

Most Popular jQuery Plugins of March 2012
It is time we go through our monthly roundup of the most popular jQuery plugins of March 2012, you will definitely want to try these.

Most Popular jQuery Plugins of February 2012
Last month, many great jQuery plugins were created and new versions were released too. Now, lets go through some of the most popular plugins in February 2012.

Twitter Friends/Followers Widget - v2.0 - A jQuery Plugin
A new version of my most popular jQuery plugin -Twitter Friends widget. This version aims to be better looking and easier to setup.

Last month developers were busy with jQuery and it is time to go through some of the most popular jQuery plugins they created in January 2012.

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Top 21 Social Sharing-Count Buttons for Your Blog
This time we go through the most popular social networks that provide sharing-count buttons, These buttons will encourage users to easily share your website with minimum clicks.

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